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Biden whistleblower Tara Reade files urgent appeal with UN & seeks asylum in Russia.

Tara Reade has filed an urgent appeal with the United Nations and has sought asylum in Russia pending her testimony in congress.



Tara Reade: After more than three years of intimidation, harassment, and persecution by both individuals and institutions in the United States due to her allegations against Joe Biden, Ms Reade has sought temporary asylum in the Russian Federation.” Lawyers for Ms. Reade have made detailed submissions to the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Expression in Geneva. (full submissions here).


Tara Reade’s attorney has made a request for urgent appeal under the UN special procedures on the promotion and protection of the right to freedom of opinion and expression. The United Nations will review documents stating “Ms. Reade is a public interest whistleblower who is being unlawfully and politically persecuted by elements of the United States government aligned with President Joseph Biden and the Democratic Party. Her right to the freedom of opinion and expression has been and is being interdicted by politically weaponized law enforcement surveillance bolstered by a coordinated social media campaign, personal threats, and false accusations of treason, perjury and espionage in the media.”

Statement of Radha Stirling, CEO of Due Process International on Ms Reade’s asylum application:

After careful consideration and evaluation of all options available to her, Ms. Reade made the decision to seek asylum in Russia based on concerns for her personal safety, well-being, and the protection of her rights. She expressed her gratitude for the Russian government's willingness to provide her with a safe haven and ensure her security. Obviously, this was a tremendously difficult and painful decision, but circumstances forced it upon her.

It is essential to clarify that the decision as to whether to grant asylum to Ms. Reade is solely based on the assessment of her individual ordeal and the Russian government's commitment to protect those facing potential risks in their home countries. The country's asylum policies adhere to international legal standards and principles, ensuring that those who genuinely require protection are provided with a secure environment. Approval of asylum is not based on political reasons and should not be understood as a reflection of current relations between the US and Russia, but rather a reflection of the real risks Tara Reade faces in the United States.

Tara Reade's case is being carefully evaluated by the relevant Russian authorities, who have been asked to determine that her claims and the surrounding circumstances warrant the provision of asylum. Anyone who is familiar with what Ms. Reade has endured since going public with her allegations against Joe Biden in 2019, and the threats to her safety today, will recognise that asylum in her case is entirely justified.

Ms. Reade's decision to seek asylum in Russia was arrived at because she was in Russia at the time she was warned that her freedom was at risk. Had she been anywhere else in the world when she was alerted of the threats to her safety, Ms. Reade would have appealed for protection wherever she was. She did not choose this situation, she only chose to not remain silent about the abuse and persecution she suffered, and powerful figures in the United States chose to put her in this dilemma as a result.

In the America Tara Reade grew up believing in, the America she worked for as a congressional staffer and campaign worker; she would not be required to keep silent about the abuse of power, about the personal corruption and criminality of political leaders, or about the weaponization of government to persecute critics and whistleblowers. She would not have to choose between her safety and telling the truth. In the America she believes in, telling truth to power is a public service; it does not make you public enemy number one. She still believes in that America today, but unfortunately, as an aspiration, not a reality.

As Ms. Reade struggles to reconcile with her new environment, we encourage all parties involved to respect her privacy and allow her the space to rebuild her life. We also urge media outlets and the public to consider the broader implications of her case for issues such as accountability, survivor rights, and the importance of fostering a culture that supports open dialogue and meaningful discussions on sensitive matters.

Ms. Reade extends her sincere appreciation to the Russian government for their commitment to providing a safe haven for those in need, and for not politicizing her asylum request. We hope, but do not expect, that the United States and the American media will adopt a similarly objective stance.

In conclusion, we reiterate that Tara Reade has sought asylum in Russia based on her individual circumstances. We hope that her journey towards rebuilding her life can be met with understanding, compassion, and the acknowledgment of the importance of providing a secure environment for those who genuinely require it.

Statement from Dr Jonathan Levy, attorney, on Ms Reade's United Nations application: Geneva:

Tara Reade, the Joseph Biden whistleblower has applied for temporary asylum in Russia under the UN protocol for asylees. Ms. Reade was in the process of working with a member of the US House Subcommittee on Weaponization of the Government to provide testimony. She was tipped that her arrest in the US or a third country was imminent and that her safety could not be guaranteed. Other Biden whistleblowers have fled the country or are currently in hiding.

In 2019 Ms. Reade came forward along with six other women who alleged sexual abuse and harassment by then presidential candidate Joseph Biden. Ms. Reade had worked for then Senator Biden in 1993 and filed a contemporaneous report about the sexual abuse by Mr. Biden.

Since coming forward she has been the victim of US government agencies weaponized against her and has been excoriated in the US press. She was falsely accused of perjury and a criminal investigation opened and then closed. Then in 2020 a federal grand jury was convened to investigate her and the FBI issued a subpoena to Twitter which unknown at the time was coordinating with the FBI to suppress negative information about the Biden family.

In 2023 members of the US Congress and the House Weaponization Subcommittee expressed interest in Ms. Reade’s testimony as well as retrieving her still sealed personnel records from the Biden archives thus opening the opportunity for further testimony about the assault by Mr. Biden, the cover up and harassment.

Ms. Reade has sent an urgent appeal to the UN Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Expression through her attorney Dr. Jonathan Levy. In the appeal she cites ongoing government harassment and surveillance since 2019 and the imminent loss of her liberty. Under the UN Special Procedure an inquiry may be lodged by the rapporteur with the United States government seeking an explanation of its behavior. In the meantime, Ms. Reade is in Russia where her safety is guaranteed. She still hopes to testify before Congress and to tell her full story to the American people under oath. A copy of the entire Urgent Appeal to the UN Special Rapporteur may be read in its entirety here.

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