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 About Us

Due Process International was founded by renowned expert Radha Stirling, to promote freedom, justice, civil and human rights.  Stirling’s 15+ years as the leading voice against human rights violations, unfair trials, judicial corruption and Interpol abuse, has seen her work with the world’s leading media, human rights organisations,  legislative and governmental bodies in Washington DC, Australia, the United Kingdom and further abroad.  

Due Process International:

  • Acts as crisis managers, responding to often life threatening situations;

  • Lobbies for legislative and policy reforms;

  • Provides support and recommendations for governments on foreign affairs;

  • Advises MP’s, Senators and Foreign Ministers on diplomatic strategies;

  • Provides litigation support in civil and criminal proceedings;

  • Provides expert testimony in civil, criminal and extradition proceedings;

  • Supports journalists, providing statistics and evidence for honest reporting;

  • Raises cases directly with the United Nations, representing clients in person in Geneva;

  • Prepares and supports litigation against foreign governments including in cases of torture and human rights violations;

  • Removes names wrongfully reported to Interpol;

  • Defends victims of Interpol Abuse and extradition requests;

  • Defends victims of overreaching and politically motivated terrorism and national security laws; and

  • Promotes fair trials, due process, civil and human rights around the world.

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