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Litigation PR & Support

Due Process International (DPI) was founded by renowned expert Radha Stirling, internationally recognised for crisis communication, litigation support and reputation management in complex cases.

DPI was founded to promote freedom, justice, civil and human rights. Stirling’s 15 years as a leading voice against human rights violations, unfair trials, judicial corruption and Interpol abuse, has seen her work with the world’s leading media, rights organisations, legislative and governmental bodies in Washington DC, the United Kingdom, the Middle East and further afield.

When clients are facing negative judgments or convictions, DPI’s crisis team has completely reversed outcomes, prevented imprisonment and saved people from multi-million dollar lawsuits, often achieving damages awards in what seemed like unwinnable cases.

DPI is instructed by law firms, PR agencies, lobbyists and private clients. With a “we win” attitude, DPI often responds to life threatening situations, working in extreme conditions to ensure client safety. DPI takes cases to “the next level”, lobbying for legislative and policy reforms, regularly bringing issues before the UN and international tribunals. DPI’s experience and Stirling’s recognition as an expert witness has led her to advise Senators, MPs and Foreign Ministers on diplomatic strategies and foreign policy.

Always keeping in mind that part of litigation is reputation management, DPI uses its brand, extensive worldwide media connections and status as a rights organisation to ensure their client succeeds not only in court, but in the court of public opinion. Stirling regularly appears in the world’s most renowned media, on television and in documentaries.

Whether defending an extradition request, taking on a human rights case or resolving multi-million dollar commercial disputes, DPI has unique skills that have been sought after by the world’s elite, royals, top litigators and award winning PR firms.

Stirling is able to do what ambassadors,
foreign secretaries, and diplomats cannot

— Fortune Magazine

About the Company

Stirling and her team are instructed by royals, high profile business leaders, the world’s top law firms and award winning Litigation PR agencies. DPI has represented clients all over the world in litigations valued at more than $1 billion to serious criminal and human rights cases. Confronting governments, enforcement agencies, powerful rulers and high profile opponents, DPI is fearlessly committed with a knack for coming up with creative solutions.

Equal parts legal advisory, communications agency, think tank, and human rights organisation; Due Process International has positioned itself as a uniquely effective advocacy group for clients in need, as strategic advisers for investors and policy makers, and as a valuable resource for international journalists. With sister organisations Detained in Dubai, IPEX (Interpol & Extradition) Reform and the Gulf in Justice Podcast, DPI is in a unique position to progress client interests in a unique and effective format.

The organisation has helped thousands of victims of injustice, and the breadth of our work and expertise continues to grow; DPI frequently coordinates with global human rights groups, business leaders, and politicians to achieve positive outcomes in what can often appear to be impossible situations.

The group has been involved in multiple civil lawsuits that have completely reversed what appeared to be unwinnable proceedings, causing top 5 law firm partners into resignation, and the exposure of corruption and hacking. Supporting clients in arbitration and legal proceedings from the Middle East to Europe and America, DPI has no equal. DPI has been directly instructed by royals, prominent business people, diplomats and politicians and when it comes to human rights, Stirling’s unbridled creative approach has secured the safety of thousands.

Employing a formidable combination of specialised legal knowledge, media savvy, and an in-depth understanding of the regional complexities; DPI has become the go-to organisation for those who have become entangled in domestic and Middle Eastern judicial challenges.


Litigation Support & PR

The world renowned organisation has spearheaded some of the most prominent and high value cases in international courts and tribunals leading to out of court settlements, the return of frozen funds and multi-million dollar damages awards. DPI advocates for clients on a human rights level and reputational preservation, successfully controlling media narratives even where the opponent is a state or powerhouse. DPI’s extensive experience in complex multi-jurisdictional financial disputes, cryptocurrency, sanctions violations and fraud cases has placed us in a unique position to offer creative strategies to ensure client goals are met.


DPI conducts investigations to support clients facing legal proceedings. Uncovering information has led
to the complete reversal of judicial outcomes, saving clients hundreds of millions of dollars. Through our careful work with security specialists and investigative journalists, espionage and unlawful hacking was discovered, leading to favourable verdicts for our clients. In other cases, we have exposed connections between opposing parties that have exonerated our clients of false allegations against them.

Lobbying & Media Campaigns

Positioned as a human rights organisation and advocate, DPI is able to directly lobby and campaign for clients. We have successfully resolved thousands of cases for satisfied clients.

The depth and breadth of her experience has made Radha Stirling the go-to legal and human rights expert on the UAE and broader Gulf region for major news outlets

A Rare Litigation Partner

Our strategies are disciplined and meticulous and we use every tool at our disposal, thinking outside of the box to deliver successful results.

Creative Solutions

After years of experience across a variety of fields, we have developed expertise that give a creative advantage to our clients. Whether it’s making a documentary, lobbying a politician or running a parallel legal or human rights complaint alongside proceedings, our strategies have been completely focussed on the urgent resolution of client issues.

With our deep understanding and experience in the Middle East, we have managed to merge client cases together to consolidate leverage against opponents and pressure resolutions. We always plan for maximum impact and are skillful at dealing with government and powerful opponents.

Maximising Impact

We have a variety of pre-existing platforms to promote client interests. With our issue focussed organisations, our newsdesk or podcast, we are ready to amplify a client’s position.

In cases involving banks, we have managed to halt litigation and even criminal actions simply through the use of our platforms in the first instance. Institutions have come to the negotiating table and requested the deletion of our material in return for what were previously unresolvable disputes. We highlight judicial abuses from a human rights perspective and use our extensive media database to seek worldwide coverage with effective results.

Expert Knowledge

DPI is called upon by governments and media for expert knowledge and analysis. Stirling is regularly asked to provide analysis for news and broadcast and is called upon by clients to give expert testimony on human rights and legal abuses in the Gulf as well as Interpol abuse.

As an organisation, we are able to collect an incredible amount of data and information from clients facing civil and criminal proceedings, putting us in a privileged position to help clients.


We do what other litigation support agencies can not. Our experience as a human rights organisation coupled with our legal, regional and policy expertise have meant we have dealt with some of the most critical cases of our time. Our crisis communications and emergency response has meant we have literally saved lives and taken cases before the United Nations in normally impossible timeframes.

Our work ethic and dedication has resulted in multiple documentary appearances, urgent televised broadcasts and large social media followings that have in many cases, literally been life saving.

Stirling is a regular speaker, consultant and member of policy think tanks like the Heritage Foundation and Chatham House

About Our Founder

Radha Stirling is a leading human rights advocate, crisis manager and policy consultant, focusing on the UAE and the wider Middle East. She is the founder and CEO of UK-based organisation Detained in Dubai (helping almost twenty thousand victims of injustice over the past 15+ years), Due Process International and IPEX (Interpol and Extradition) Reform. Stirling also hosts the Gulf in Justice Podcast.

In 2010, Ms Stirling expanded her work beyond the UAE, dealing with both civil and criminal cases internationally. She has provided expert witness

testimony in several high profile extradition and arbitration cases, while lobbying for Interpol reform.

Given her breadth of experience in financial disputes, Ms Stirling also provides expert risk assessment for investors and advice on business strategies in the Gulf. She has actively negotiated on behalf of corporate clients and investors, assisted in recovering stolen assets, and intervened to secure their freedom from unlawful detention.

Ms Stirling frequently appears in international media to discuss human rights and legal issues in the Middle East and abroad, addressing the United Nations and working with Amnesty & HRW. Stirling regularly advises governments, high profile politicians, the US State Department, Senators, law enforcement personnel
and is a frequently invited speaker.

Her high-profile media campaigns and legal work have influenced the release of countless high profile prisoners, secured high value settlements and ousted opposition from positions of power.

radha lobby 8.jpg
radha lobby 3.jpg

Stirling’s work has become so high profile that she and her clients have been the target of UAE led intelligence and security attacks via Israeli spy companies.

Who Are We?

Our Organisations

Due Process International

An international not for profit organisation focusing on lawful due process and fair trials, human rights and the accountability of criminals, corporations, law enforcement organisations and governments. Due Process is the head of internationally acclaimed Detained in Dubai, Detained in Doha, IPEX Reform and Gulf Investment Monitor, founded by world renowned justice expert Radha Stirling.

Detained In Dubai

The acclaimed 15 year old organisation assists foreign victims of injustice in the United Arab Emirates and throughout the Gulf States. Employing a formidable combination of specialised legal knowledge, media savvy, and an in-depth understanding of the region; Detained in Dubai has become the go-to organisation for expats in the Gulf who have become entangled in the legal system.


IPEX Reform

A leading voice against Interpol abuse, Interpol and Extradition Reform (IPEX) is a comprehensive initiative to address the widespread and multilayered problems with the current framework of the extradition process, including the many flaws in Interpol itself as an organisation.


Gulf In Justice

The Gulf in Justice Podcast discusses up to date topical issues, interviewing a variety of guests, breaking news and promoting change in the region. The Podcast has been embedded in multiple news publications and is frequently used to support clients facing litigation and criminal charges.


Hundreds of Interpol Red Notices removed. Thousands of prisoners released. Millions of dollars recovered.

Our Expertise

• Crisis Management
• Middle Eastern Law
• Legal Project Management
• Interpol & Extradition Law
• United Nations Petitions

• Financial Crime

• Criminal & Civil Law
• Lobbying & PR
• Expert Testimony
• Litigation Support
• Human Rights & Fair Trials

• Class Actions

Stirling & her team took excellent care of our client, giving the family hope and then they delivered.  Our client is free now.

Our Expertise

See the results

Stirling and the experienced team at DPI have earned their reputation for being client and results driven, unafraid and committed to helping their partners through what are clearly stressful times.

Described as compassionate, easy to work and communicate with and willing to take on projects that appear unwinnable or dangerous.

Clients describe the group as compassionate, attentive and comforting, giving “hope” and “relief” in intense situations.

Often commended for saving lives, reputations and assets while caring for client’s emotional state and that of their relatives.

DPI has built up a strong network of legal professionals, politicians, academics, experts, media contacts, documentary makers and investigators to ensure they have a vast arsenal to solve even the most complex of issues.


Litigation Support

DPI understands how a good litigation support operative can quite literally change the outcome of a case. DPI has hands-on experience in the most troubling cases and has achieved results that no other agency could.

As experts, as a human rights organisation and as recognised media commentators, DPI’s ability to win cases is unparalleled.

Stirling's has authored articles for the major news publications including the Independent, the Times of Israel and more.

Social Capital


DPI immediately conducts a multi- faceted strategic evaluation of a client’s situation to determine the most effective and powerful approach for a rapid solution tailored to their specific needs and circumstances.

Dynamic Planning

Once DPI takes action, the impact can be fast and turbulent; we adopt a fluid and flexible approach to safeguard our clients’ interests, and manage situational changes as they develop in real time.


We pursue client resolutions with tactical precision and diligence; mobilising resources from
our legal, media, and political networks to fully control case narratives and to eliminate all possible obstacles to successful outcomes.

Unique insight into social and practical issues in foreign cultures

How We Work

In regions like the Gulf, it is vital to understand the culture and nuances of the social system in order to effectively resolve conflicts, disputes, and legal issues.

In many parts of the world, parallel power structures have greater influence on outcomes than police, courts, and lawyers. Family prestige, business interests, tribal rivalries and social status, can all be in play.

We utilise our intricate knowledge of the region to pursue a soft- persuasion approach for our clients when needed using back-channel communications and informal contacts to resolve cases quietly through culturally-informed arbitration.

Legal Options

Whether in civil or criminal matters, DPI provides total case management; supporting attorneys, identifying winning strategies, and coordinating all the moving parts of a legal battle, informed by over 15 years of multi-jurisdictional experience.

Media Mobilisation

DPI draws upon years of media experience, crafting campaigns that achieve maximum reach
and impact, and messaging meticulously interwoven with vast geopolitical expertise and keen attention to public sentiment to ensure popular resonance.

Leveraging Diplomacy

Our reach within governments extends across 4 continents. We advise, liaise, and pressure elected officials and political power brokers to recruit active government involvement and intervention on behalf of our clients.

Described by the Daily Beast as running "an extraordinarily slick - and convincing - PR campaign ostensibly designed to free her [Princess Latifa]".

Why Clients Choose DPI

Four Reasons Why We're Different


The integrated skills, knowledge, expertise and acumen of DPI span a multiplicity of fields and disciplines, powered by decades of cumulative experience. What is new, complex, and frightening for our clients is familiar, straight-forward, and imminently resolvable to us.


The unique diversity of DPI’s professional DNA makes us the most inventive and insightful problem-solvers in the business. We combine the elements of a legal firm, a PR agency, a lobbying organisation, an investment consultancy, an arbitration service, and a crisis management company. We see solutions where no one can, because no one can do what we do.


From first contact, our clients feel understood, cared about, and defended – because they are. DPI was founded out of sincere human concern for the plight of people suffering unjustly, and the spirit of this concern permeates everything we do. Our clients’ welfare is paramount to us, and we stake our reputation on securing positive outcomes for every individual case we undertake. No other organisation is more invested in their clients’ success than DPI.


With a track record of well over a decade, thousands of cases, and an unmatched success ratio; the DPI team easily eclipses all other organisations in proven results.

Under the leadership of Radha Stirling, DPI has the gravitas of being the most effective and recognised voice in the world for the victims of legal abuse, the falsely accused, and wrongfully detained.



After 15+ years and 20,000 clients, dealing with every imaginable type of case – from being jailed in Dubai over a selfie at the wrong time and place, to business disputes worth hundreds of millions of pounds, from foreign nationals forced to sign false confessions, to family members being detained over a relative’s bounced cheque; there is no other organisation with the expertise, track record and no one with the experience, insight, and skill of Stirling in dealing with seemingly hopeless cases.

More than once, a wrongfully accused foreign national has been released from custody just because a tweet or news article mentioned that Stirling had taken the case; Dubai’s Ruler has even intervened to overrule court decisions on behalf of Stirling’s clients. If someone is facing legal problems in the UAE, the Gulf, or indeed, with the creation of Due Process International, in any foreign jurisdiction anywhere, they should have Radha Stirling on speed-dial.

"David was released. I'm ever so grateful. So is his family, the rest of his family and David was so grateful to Radha. As he called you his 'rock star' and bless you, and thank you".

Case Studies

After fifteen years and thousands of cases, we are intensely proud of our success. We have changed the course
of people’s lives, their businesses and the laws and practices of organisations and countries. Our work has resulted in precedents, legislative, enforcement and policy changes and we are only 
just beginning.

André Gauthier / Lobbying

When Canadian citizen André Gauthier was scapegoated by a launderer with ties to Saudi royals, he found himself with 72 criminal cases against him, facing the rest of his life in prison. It was impossible to achieve a fair trial and he needed help. We brought his case to the international media and lobbied the Canadian and Emirati governments. We managed to secure the support of opposition MP’s to push the Trudeau government into diplomatic conversations. The case was raised multiple times in Parliament. We advised the Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs on a regular basis on effective strategies to secure his release. André is now safe and free thanks to our efforts.

HH Sheikha Latifa Al Maktoum / Crisis Management

When the daughter of the ruler of Dubai called us from a yacht under attack in international waters, we immediately swung into urgent action, bringing the case to international authorities and communicating to her abductors.

We quickly brought her case to
the United Nations and to the international media resulting in the release of five hostages. We controlled complex media narratives against the Dubai government’s top PR agencies, directed several major documentaries and successfully achieved a UN ruling against the UAE.

Azima, Quzma & Al Sadeq v Dechert / Litigation Support

In this case, the ruler of lawless Ras Al Khaimah had manufactured allegations against a number of former staff members to use them as scapegoats and to extort funds from them. Some individuals were held as hostages and were subjected to grave human rights violations. We supported British litigation against the Sheikh’s international law firm, Dechert for their direct involvement in torture. We found new witnesses, gathered supportive testimony, investigated and discovered evidence of hacking and illegal activities that changed the course of litigation. We generated widespread media coverage throughout legal gazettes and mainstream British and US media.

radha stirling brochure.jpeg

"Hi I'm Nichole Coffel and if it weren't for Radha Stirling, when I got arrested and Detained in Abu Dhabi, UAE for crimes I didn't commit, I'd still be locked up abroad. Thank you Radha for my freedom"

Media Outreach

“The depth and breadth of her experience has made Radha Stirling the go-to legal and human rights expert on the UAE and broader Gulf region for major news outlets, such as the BBC, CNN, Sky News, and print media.” - Outlook Magazine

media outreach.jpeg

When a client is listed on Interpol, arrested at an airport or detained in Dubai, Stirling is there to lead them through the complexities
of foreign judicial systems.

Stirling’s intricate knowledge of the Interpol removal process and middle eastern judicial practice, has seen her successfully eliminate notices on behalf of clients for fifteen years. Stirling’s expertise has highlighted Interpol’s failings as an organisation and she continues to push Interpol for change and accountability.

Media Statements

“Interpol has been hijacked by authoritarian regimes around the world who abuse the red notice system to persecute political opponents, dissidents, independent journalists, and private individuals over financial disputes.”

— Royal Gazette

Radha Stirling, who just fought off a Qatar extradition request of a Scottish man for carrying a legal herb grinder from Australia to the UK, commented on the progress “It’s clear that the United States government is taking the issue of Interpol Abuse seriously.

— The Montreal Lawyer

“Radha Stirling, CEO of Detained in Dubai, said: “We appealed successfully to Interpol for the removal of the abusive red notice, and we received files from Ukrainian officials indicating that local police had no complaint against Robert in their database, yet he had still not been cleared to exit the country.”

She said it took more than 40 days since Interpol deleted the notice, adding that the UK government “stepped-up” to help”.


Litigation PR Cover - Press Conference Radha Stirling.jpeg
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