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“Able to do what ambassadors, foreign secretaries, and diplomats cannot”

An international not for profit organisation focusing on lawful due process and fair trials, human rights and the accountability of  criminals, corporations, law enforcement organisations and governments.  Due Process is the head of internationally acclaimed Detained in Dubai, Detained in Doha, IPEX Reform and Gulf Investment Monitor, founded by world renowned justice expert Radha Stirling.

Litigation Support

Stirling and her team are instructed by royals, high profile business leaders, the world’s top law firms and award winning Litigation PR agencies. DPI has represented clients all over the world in litigations valued at more than $1 billion to serious criminal and human rights cases. Confronting governments, enforcement agencies, powerful rulers and high profile opponents, DPI is fearlessly committed with a knack for coming up with creative solutions.  Learn more.


I felt I was saved by someone or God when I found you.  Your prompt reply helped me and saved my money and life.  I appreciate that your job really saves people who are suffered."


 Koichi - Japan

"I had no hope of getting home until after Radha agreed to take on my case.  She and her team didn't give up until I was free to return home. I would advise anyone in need of help to speak with Radha."

 Billy Barclay - Scotland

"Radha is a very compassionate person who offers a very important service to those in trouble in the UAE.  The service she offers is often life changing to those in need and I am happy to endorse her service"

- Michael Gordon - USA

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