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Radha Stirling has been the most outspoken voice against abuse for more than 13 years.

Wrongful Detentions

DPI lobbies against unfair trials, wrongful detentions and political or financially motivated persecution.  

The PNG compensation scheme for environmental victims of the River Fly dispute has resulted in unfair detentions and human rights violations.

Human Rights

DPI forces accountability from governments through media, lobbying efforts and through the courts and United Nations on behalf of human rights victims.

Women's Rights

DPI helps women facing extreme persecution or human rights abuses in Gulf nations.

Cryptocurrency entrepreneurs face unfair persecution, prosecution, state harassment & Interpol Abuse

Law Enforcement Accountability

DPI ensures law enforcement agencies remain accountable for unlawful acts resulting in human rights violations.

Financial Accountability

DPI ensures justice for victims of financially motivated false criminal allegations are brought to justice through civil litigations and working with law enforcement.

Extradition Reform

Extradition procedures internationally put innocent people at risk of deportation to countries where they face torture and human rights abuses.

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