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Praise for dedication of Jackson Lee in Tierra Allen case

Rep. Jackson Lee and Tierra Allen on Good Morning America
Rep. Jackson Lee appeared on Good Morning America and Fox News after a press conference with Tierra Allen on her return to Houston, Texas

Radha Stirling, CEO of organisation Detained in Dubai, praised the dedication of Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee in Tierra Allen case

The recently resolved case of American social media influencer Tierra Allen highlights the importance of combined and coordinated support whenever a foreign national is unjustly accused overseas, particularly in the UAE.

Allen, known online as “the Sassy Trucker” was charged in Dubai for allegedly “shouting” at and “defaming” a rental car agent after he refused to return her personal belongings from the vehicle she rented following a minor accident. Allen was struck with a travel ban while awaiting trial, and was further subjected to a civil case. Had the criminal case proceeded, she could have faced considerable jail time. The entire ordeal was extremely traumatic, and Allen suffered for months in the UAE without income, secure residence, or proper legal assistance; until she contacted Detained in Dubai.

These types of cases can very easily pass under the radar,” said Radha Stirling, CEO of Detained in Dubai, “And in a country like the UAE, without media attention and political intervention, foreign nationals stand little chance of finding justice. It is essential to bring attention to these cases, both through the media and through official channels, to let Emirates authorities know they are under international scrutiny; and this requires coordinated effort and dedication by all concerned parties.

“We were incredibly fortunate to have had the support of Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee during our campaign for Tierra. She embodied everything that an elected representative should be for their constituents and epitomized precisely the kind of commitment needed to resolve cases like this.”

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee's proactive involvement in the case of Tierra Allen highlights the importance of government officials taking a proactive role in advocating for their citizens who are detained overseas, Stirling explained. In interviews and statements, Jackson Lee has emphasized the importance of ensuring that US tourists like Allen are treated fairly and justly in the UAE.

Stirling said Jackson Lee was immediately concerned about the case when first contacted, “I have seldom seen a more active response by a politician in any of the cases we have dealt with. There is no doubt that Rep. Jackson Lee’s intervention was key to getting Tierra home.

Jackson Lee contacted the State Department to advocate for Tierra's release and to ensure that she was receiving proper medical care while detained. She worked with Stirling to raise public awareness about Tierra's case and to put pressure on the authorities to act. “She was in regular communication,” Stirling explained, “It was exactly the sort of coordination we hope for any time we reach out to an elected official on behalf of a foreign citizen wrongfully accused abroad. The Congresswoman was available day or night, and stayed actively involved throughout the campaign.

The plight of American citizens overseas has long been important to Jackson Lee, who has advocated for policy changes that address the root causes of unfair detention. She even introduced legislation to protect American citizens who are detained overseas and to ensure that they are treated fairly and justly. “She is someone highly attuned to the risks American citizens face in foreign jurisdictions like Dubai,” Stirling explained, “That level of awareness and understanding made her quick to appreciate the danger Tierra was in, and the urgency of intense intervention.

“I hope that government officials throughout the United States, the UK, and elsewhere will see the example of Rep. Jackson Lee and adopt that same level of involvement and energy whenever one of their citizens faces similar circumstances in the UAE or any foreign country. Too often, without pressure, consular officials fear ruffling feathers in their host country, and politicians fail to do their utmost, leaving citizens to fend for themselves. When we get the proactive support of government authorities it increases the effectiveness of our efforts exponentially, and cases can be resolved much more quickly. Jackson Lee, along with Senator Ted Cruz, demonstrated just how important that kind of support is, and how much influence political leaders can have in securing the freedom of their citizens who have been wrongfully detained. People have a right to expect this from their elected officials, and in this case, Tierra’s representatives truly delivered.”


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