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Jailed footballer Billy Hood ‘is BEATEN by Dubai prison guards during Prince William UAE visit

Credit: The Sun

A CAGED Brit footballer was violently beaten in a Dubai prison the very same day Prince William was visiting the country, it was claimed Thursday.

Billy Hood, 25, was allegedly set upon by four ruthless prison guards after he punched a wall in his cell out of sheer frustration.

Billy Hood has been caged for 10-years in Dubai Credit: Facebook

Dubai authorities found four CBD bottles in Billy's car Credit: SWNS

Mr Hood, who is serving ten years in prison in the United Arab Emirates for “unintentionally possessing” CBD vape oil, has been confined to a cell no bigger than a mattress.

The horror attack coincided with a visit from Prince William who is visiting the Middle Eastern country as part of diplomatic efforts, according to campaigners Detained In Dubai, who help ex-pats jailed in the Emirate.

The visit, requested by the Foreign Office, is intended to deepen post-Brexit trade relations with wealthy Gulf states.

Thursday comes as Billy's mother Breda Guckion pleaded with Prince William to save her son.

In a desperate statement, Breda said: “I implore Prince William to help my son, the other British nationals in prison and future visitors."

She urged the Duke to put himself in her shoes as she asked how he would feel "if you found out your helpless son was beaten in a foreign jail She added: "I’m worried the next time they hit him, he could die from a brain haemorrhage like young Lee Bradley Brown."

While Alex Hood, the footballer's brother, warned the incident is not the first and will not be the last.

In a statement, Alex said: “I am disgusted that the UK would ever allow this to happen to a British citizen and that they have not already intervened."

Billy is understood to have been tasered in previous attacks inside the prison.

Mr Hood, from west London, claims the four bottles of CBD oil which Dubai authorities found in his car were left by a friend.

In December he had his massive 25-year sentence reduced to ten.

Mum Breda said the result of the appeal which saw the sentence slashed was "not really welcomed".

She told BBC Breakfast: "Billy has done nothing wrong. We thought we were going to find out that Billy was going to be able to come home."

Prince William is on a visit to the UAE Credit: Reuters

Billy has been caged here Credit: AFP

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