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Gloucestershire woman detained in Dubai in 'nightmare' over WhatsApp swear word

A Gloucestershire woman says she is caught up in a terrifying "nightmare" after being stopped from leaving Dubai after a flatmate accused her of swearing during a lockdown row on WhatsApp in October.

She was marched off the plane as she headed home to start a new job nearer her family, because police in Dubai are investigating a complaint that she broke the country's strict cybercrime laws during the row with her flatmate.

Now she fears being sent to prison or being trapped with nowhere to live and no job to support her while she waits for the slow legal process to decide her fate.

Radha Stirling, chief executive of Detained in Dubai and Due Process International, says the 31-year-old human resources manager who has worked in the UAE since 2018, has been caught up in a "terrifying situation" and has no idea what is going on, what is coming next, and how long it could take.

Ms Stirling says the woman was crying and emotional when she told her they had taken her passport and sent her phone away for forensic examination.

“This is like the nightmare all over again at the thought of losing my job," they quote her as saying.

Full article available at Gloucestershire Live

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