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Billy Hood BEATEN by UAE prison guards during Prince William “official” visit

Billy Hood beaten after lawyers tell family, his appeal to overturn a 10 year sentence has been denied.

Billy Hood BEATEN by UAE prison guards during Prince William “official” visit

During an official diplomatic visit between Prince William and UAE diplomats to discuss “sustainability”, Emirati authorities violently attacked British national Billy Hood, who was sentenced to ten years in prison for “unintentionally possessing” the CBD vape oil, accidentally left in his car by a visiting friend. The beating comes after his lawyers advised that his appeal to overturn his 10 year sentence was denied. Billy’s family are distraught!

Billy Hood was isolated in a tiny cell that could fit only a mattress. After several days, he hit the wall in frustration. In a shocking display, four prison guards opened his cell and repeatedly beat him, causing him to bleed. The young football coach was previously beaten and tasered and forced to confess. Despite raising this with the FCDO, he is still being beaten and subjected to human rights violations. What does this say about UK-UAE relations? Who holds the upper hand?

Billy’s brother Alex Hood, is angered by the assault and the lack of action from the Foreign Office to prevent such beatings ever happening in the first place. “I am disgusted that the UK would ever allow this to happen to a British citizen and that they have not already intervened. This is not the first time he has been assaulted while in custody and over what? CBD oil that the court accepted, was not even his. In accepting this kind of treatment and just ‘raising concerns’ without any actual consequence, the UK is essentially sanctioning these abuses again and again. British MP’s have called for sanctions and travel warnings and this is exactly what is needed to finally end this mediaeval treatment”.

“It is abhorrent and truly shocking that the United Arab Emirates, our ally, has refused to cease the mistreatment, abuse and torture of British citizens”, said Radha Stirling, CEO of Detained in Dubai. “The Emirates have falsely portrayed themselves to Britain as a tolerant, modern and safe society with programmes like the BBC’s “Playground of the Rich” while simultaneously violently assaulting vulnerable citizens like grandfather Albert Douglas and young Billy Hood, both of whom have been unfairly detained.

“Members of the concerned public and rights groups have criticised Prince William following the EU’s recent boycotting of Dubai’s expo, but the contempt is far greater than thought when we have our own citizens being literally beaten up during his meetings”.

Lawyers have advised Billy that his appeal to overturn the ten year sentence has been denied, though the court did not hear arguments or evidence and Billy never appeared in court.

Billy’s mother Breda has called on Prince William to promote human rights in the UAE and escalate these issues to Ambassador Moody and UAE diplomats, “I implore Prince William to help my son, the other British nationals in prison and future visitors. If nothing is done to help Billy, how can we ever say the UAE is safe for Brits? Can you imagine how you would feel if you found out your helpless son was beaten in a foreign jail? I’m worried the next time they hit him, he could die from a brain haemorrhage like young Lee Bradley Brown. How can the UK stand by, let this happen and then go and shake the hands of the people who are responsible for it?

“My son is in jail for something he didn’t do. He shouldn’t even be there. I can’t understand how this has been allowed to happen. He’s being beaten in a foreign jail because his friend left CBD oil in his car. What kind of a system is this? I want to be sick when I see shows and advertisements promoting Dubai. I’m disgusting to see Prince William being treated respectfully when they are clearly disrespecting him by torturing his people.

“We are angry that Billy is still in jail and angry that any British national can be beaten without consequence. We won’t stand for it. We won’t be bullied and we will escalate this to the highest authorities.

“I’m warning all British citizens, do NOT go to Dubai. This could easily happen to you and following the ‘law’ will not protect you.”

Detained in Dubai has called for urgent meetings with the Foreign Secretary, Felicity Buchan MP and the Foreign Office. A complaint for both Billy Hood and Albert Douglas will be filed with the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment. “Baroness Whitaker and other MP’s have called for sanctions and travel warnings”, added Ms Stirling, “Unfair detention and human rights violations must be dealt with by foreign governments and it is time that the UAE was held to account for the ongoing abuse of individuals in detention”.


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