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Radha Stirling talks Prime Minister Imran Khan with his closest advisor, Mr Zulfi Bujhari

Gulf in Justice host, Radha Stirling, interviews Mr Zulfi Bujhari, special advisor to Prime Minister Imran Khan, the “most popular PM in Pakistan’s history”.  Mr Bujhari explains what led to the ousting and subsequent persecution of PM Khan and his entire party, their families and allies.

Mr Buhhari fought to have a wrongful Interpol Red Notice against him removed.  He hopes that the higher legal courts in Pakistan will ultimately exonerate Mr Khan of the “falsified” legal cases against him in what is clearly a shocking example of the weaponization of a legal system against their political opponent, the democratically elected Imran Khan.

Bujhari says ousting the most popular Prime Minister has set the country back decades, and the international community and allies could have done more to influence justice and fairness in his country.


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