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Radha Stirling interviews American detained in Dubai over legal marijuana. “He’s free”.

“Nevada resident Peter Clark, from California, was finally freed from Dubai after his 2 month ordeal which cost him $50,000. Peter was deported late Tuesday night on a flight via Doha to New York.”.

Detained in Dubai CEO, Radha Stirling, announced Peter Clark’s safe return to the United States. “Nevada resident Peter Clark, from California, was finally freed from Dubai after his 2 month ordeal which cost him $50,000. Peter was deported late Tuesday night on a flight via Doha to New York.”. Before his departure, Peter interviewed with Stirling for her Gulf in Justice Podcast. In the interview, Peter warns Americans to go to Miami instead. “Do not go to Dubai. You can get arrested for so many different things.” Stirling said “It’s outrageous that Peter was held in Dubai for almost two months on charges pertaining to cannabis he had smoked legally in Las Vegas before travelling to Dubai. Peter was a responsible traveller. He made sure he left any pharmaceuticals at home, including Aspirin, just to be sure he didn’t have any delays or issues at customs. Never did he imagine he could be arrested for cannabis smoked outside of the UAE. “The UAE’s extraterritorial laws have landed a number of visitors in trouble. People can be arrested for having alcohol in their system, even if served by the government’s own airline. They can be arrested for hashish consumed legally, outside the country, that leaves residue trace elements in the bloodstream. The UAE’s Cybercrime laws are far reaching and visitors can be arrested for violations that happened years ago, outside the country. For example, an offensive or rude post on social media, or a rude private message on WhatsApp. “Peter did nothing wrong. He should never have been arrested and treated so badly. As soon as we found out about the case, we appointed legal representatives and contacted US officials and members of the Senate. Fortunately, we were able to resolve Peter’s case and get him home safe. Others like Andy Neal spent more than a year in prison, fighting against frivolous charges before finally being exonerated. Dubai authorities are messing with people’s lives. They don’t seem to understand the impact a forced lengthy stay in Dubai has. People can not afford to stay in a hotel for 2-6 months awaiting a court hearing. They lose their jobs, their relationships and can even go bankrupt as a result. The stress, anxiety and emotional toll is far underrated. People in this situation don’t know if they are going to a foreign prison and whether their life is finished. This is possibly the most stressful time they’ve had in their lives. Loved ones are at home facing their worst nightmares too. “Numerous Americans have been arrested on frivolous and trumped up charges. We’ve helped Nichole Coffel, who was arrested for pressing her employer for wages after suffering a severe horse bite on the job, Melissa McBurney for telling her harasser to back off. Jordan Branford was arrested for a private Instagram message to his ex and David Oliver, for a small debt owed to a bank after suffering a stroke and becoming homeless. This kind of abuse has been left un-criticised by foreign governments who are, in a sense, giving the green light to their allies, to commit egregious human rights abuses against US citizens. “This has led the UAE to feel emboldened to act even further against Americans. Myself and certain US clients have been unlawfully targeted by the regime through surveillance and hacking attempts. Captain Hervé Jaubert’s US flagged yacht was attacked in international waters. He was kidnapped and taken to the UAE before later being released after our international press campaign. “If the United States tolerates abuses against Americans visiting Dubai, and tolerates the hacking or targeted attacks against US citizens, they are putting lives in Danger and we will ultimately end up with another Khashoggi style incident. The UAE needs to understand they can no longer get away with human rights abuses against foreigners. “We are producing a White Paper that will serve as intelligence for the US and foreign governments, law enforcement agents and even financial rating companies like Fitch, who have inappropriately given five star human rights ratings to emirates engaged in Iran sanction violations, weapons trafficking and human trafficking. “We are also keen to present the report to officials in the UAE, who can hopefully benefit from the independent analysis and take steps to make the country safer for visitors”.



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