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Detained in Dubai - A Scammers Paradise - Millions Lost to Romance Scams

Updated: Aug 6, 2023

Shocking podcast with Dubai romance scam victim and Social Catfish organisation

Podcast with Social Catfish and Radha Stirling reveals Dubai scams.

Scammers have become aware that stories of injustice, wrongful detentions and corruption in Dubai is a consistent narrative in the media and have used this to their advantage, to exploit kind and often vulnerable people.

Watch how Social Catfish & Detained in Dubai saved this woman's house:

Since Detained in Dubai CEO Radha Stirling’s podcast with Social Catfish, the organisation has been approached by another six romance scam victims. Stirling estimates there are hundreds, if not thousands, of victims every month. “We know people who have lost their life savings, their properties or their last pennies. In total, we have recorded millions of dollars in losses across victims with one woman having lost a whole million.

“Some of the perpetrators are living in the UAE while others are in Africa, Europe and Asia. They are operating brazenly, sharing local Dubai bank accounts. When reported to the police, local authorities didn’t seem to want to take up the cases, making us suspicious that they may be part of these complex operations. We’ve seen the scammers impersonate the Crown Prince while others have impersonated American and British military men. Women have claimed to be leaving Africa to visit their new ‘fiancé’ when they are detained en route in Dubai. The scammers often provide forged bank accounts, forged loan agreements, forged customs and police letters, lawyers letters and more. They try to be as convincing as possible and their need is urgent. Their ‘friend’ feels under immense pressure to save them from Dubai’s dungeons, because they care. We have seen hundreds of these over the years and easily identify them.

“We are working with a victim on a professional investigation and hope to bring some of these fraudsters to justice.

Social Catfish intervene where a family member may become suspicious and they seek to stop the victim from sending money before it’s too late.

“Unfortunately, social media and online relationships have made it all too easy for the underworld to operate”, added Stirling.

If you suspect someone has been detained, contact Detained in Dubai to investigate before sending any money or bitcoin.


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